It might seem that Clinique Wrappings cologne is like Marmite – you either love it or despise it. In my experience, this odor never fails to have me noticed – and always in a fantastic way! It’s the only scent I’ve ever used where strangers have ceased to inquire what cologne I’m wearing.

This cologne is a well kept secret with a cult following. Like fantastic cult merchandise, it’s just recognizable to people in the know. Fans will always remark if they discover a fellow user wearing the odor. Often this may result in a silent and understanding discussion covering high secret details like where the wearer purchased it and how much its cost. It seems that women will go to amazing lengths and leave no stone unturned to ensure an uninterrupted supply.

The uninitiated may wonder just how cologne could trigger normally sane girls to worry where their second jar is coming out of. The odor was formally discontinued many years back. The effort to get it reinstated was steadily gaining momentum ever since. Clinique now just release Clinique Bonus very sometimes for your holiday season. It’s extremely tough to find in Europe and generally only available in the USA. UK-based shoppers are known traveling to the Big Apple only to stock up. Those unfortunate enough to not have the ability to nip round the Atlantic for theirs, will frequently as a last resort fork out huge quantities online, rather than go without.

Clinique Wrappings cologne is sold in eau de perfume type only, and therefore, is much more powerful than an eau de toilette imposters posing as cologne nowadays. Paradoxically, despite its own strength, how the wearer is indeed happy and pleased to be wearing this cologne in any respect makes it possible that they’ll spritz themselves with just a tiny bit extra – simply to flaunt.