What are the historic uses of Shea butter? Allow me to answer that question by stating this: Africa’s long and extensive relationship with Shea butter is quite diverse and intimate. W.G. Goreja, writer of Shea Butter, writes “Accounts from as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt talk of caravans bearing clay jars of invaluable Shea butter for cosmetic usage”

Additionally, the funeral decorations of ancient kings were carved from the wood from older Shea trees. Shea butter astounding skin-care, medicinal and therapeutic properties were discovered thousands of years ago. Below are a few Shea Butter Benefits For Skin.

1) Shea butter has been and can be used to protect the epidermis and hair from the sunlight and the warm winds of the seas and savannah.

2) The anti inflammatory properties of Shea butter have been found from its recorded use as a remedy for rheumatism within traditional African medicine systems.

3) Shea butter has been used for soothing and acceleration recovery after circumcision.

4) Shea butter has been and still is employed for the relief of rheumatism and muscular and joint pain.

5) Pregnant African girls covered their swelling abdomens with Shea butter to stop stretch marks, even today.

6) Mothers rub Shea butter over their infants’ skin after bathing to generate the children’s skin glow.

7) African Shea butter within its own fatty form is a vital ingredient in African American Cuisine. It’s the most desirable oil for food prep and becomes the foundation of many sauces and condiments like chocolate.